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Welcome to the Thalassemia Registry

Your registry is very important to us. It will help in the effort to empower patients and expand their knowledge, favoring their shared decisions with doctors and health professionals.

The life of thousands of patients depends on the access to high cost medications, specialized treatment centers, health professionals to help to front and provide orientation in those difficult moments, and also updated information and special programs.

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Who we are and what we do

ABRASTA – Brazilian Thalassemia Association is a non-governmental organization founded in 1982, member of the Thalassemia International Federation, has the mission to provide support and mobilize partners for all patients with thalassemia in Brazil to have access to the best possible treatment.


With the endorsement and orientation of a Scientific Committee, composed of national and international specialists, ABRASTA acts to offer the thalassemia patients a quick and easy access – preferably in the first months of life – the best possible treatment, and to help improve the quality of life of the thalassemia patients and their families. For this, the Association invests in the execution of programs that stimulate the knowledge about the disease, news in the area and the psychological and legal support from diagnosis. Besides that, ABRASTA offers an intense schedule of events and update programs to doctors in the area.